nptool community survey
We are trying to improve material for users and find out how many people are using nptool. Thanks a lot for your time filling this short survey!

Which lab or institution do you work for?*

What is your current position*

What analysis and/or simulation software do you use?*

What are you using nptool for?*

Which version are you using?

How did you learn to use nptool

What kind of training content and opportunity do you wish to see in the future

Is nptool providing a satisfactory user experience?

Would you recommend using nptool to your colleagues?

Does nptool make your daily work more efficient?

Are you interested in having nptool as a container (docker, apptainer, …)

Did you decided to use nptool on your own or was it imposed (by supervisor, collaboration,…)

Given the opportunity, would you like an official position within the nptool collaboration

Did you find nptool easy to install?

Did you ever pushed code to the official gitlab repo